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One of the reasons I love Montreal is the fact that there is a strong art culture. I don’t know much about art, but I can certainly appreciate it when I see it. This same feeling swelled up in me when I walked into Cafe 180g. ‘Is that Hank Hill you have on the wall there?’ to ‘Hey, I know that artist!” were my reactions before I started looking through the stacks of vinyls. Named after the weight of a standard vinyl, Cafe 180g was a pleasant discovery thanks to a suggestion from an instagrammer I follow, Khai. The shop is located in a cul-de-sac where you have a garage dock along your left side so it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Once you find it, however, you will be happy you found this hidden gem.

When Christophe and Charles-Etienne, long term friends and music enthusiasts, had an opportunity to open a record store, they took it in a heartbeat. Deciding to pair the record store with coffee and food options, Cafe 180g is a world of its own by creating a space for Montrealers to enjoy their local roaster, St Henri, while browsing records. The shop’s own music stems from a record player and the mood is certainly set when you see one of the owners work on his own contemporary art designs. There’s no latte art found here but the coffee is still good and there’s enough art in the store to please your aesthetic needs. There is wifi  and tables available if you  need to get some work done and the entire menu is affordable and made in house.  The music vibe is old school hip hop and r&b, which is refreshing when the majority of the coffee shops I’ve been to lately play the same type of alternative rock/ indie songs. Only a little over two months old, Cafe 180g has a lot of room to grow and tons of potential.

Food & Amenities
Coffee Roast: St Henri
Foods: in house baked goods and a few sandwich selections
Sitting Space: Roughly 20 seats
Electrical Outlets: yes
WiFi: yes
Points Cards: no

Located at: 6546 Waverly Montreal Quebec

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