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Cafe 8 Oz.

cafe 8 oz

Having opened exactly a year ago on November 14th, I have the pleasure to cover Cafe 8 Oz for this week’s blog post. I have known this adorable Rosemont cafe since it opened and I have seen it grow and mature steadily. The coffee, though good at the beginning, is now delicious. If you’re the type to like strong coffee with a kick, you might not want to order their cappuccino (try their cortado or filter options). I say this because sometimes I order a great cappuccino that is strong with tons of taste but the after feeling makes me feel dehydrated and crave for fresh fruit/a lot of water. If, however, you enjoy subtle, sweet, creamy cappuccinos, Cafe 8 oz is for you. They are also the only ones in Montreal that serve Tandem Roasters, a Portland roaster that is gaining in popularity. My favourite from Tandem so far has been the single origin El Obraje (Narino, Columbia) but the everyday Time and Temperature is a crowd pleaser as well. Side note: the name “8 oz” refers to the amount of milk that goes into a typical latte while 6 oz is for cappuccinos.

The space is family friendly with kids’ books and games at the back. The tables are spacious for workers and laptop users and the music is not overly loud to impair friendly conversations. The weekends can be busy in the morning for groups bigger than two but otherwise, you can always find yourself a little corner. Food-wise they have Patrice Patissier goodies (ex. scones, kouign amann, financiers) as well as home made sandwiches and grilled cheese options.

I would definitely put Cafe 8 Oz on my top five favourite coffee shops because of how well rounded it is. There is great coffee, an amazing choice of fresh baked goods (who else can supply Patrice’s pastries?), lots of work space and the shop is never overly busy to make me feel rushed. Why did I take so long to cover this place? Maybe I just wanted to keep this place to myself.


Food & Amenities
Coffee Roast: Tandem Roasters
Foods: scones, financiers, kouign amann, sandwiches and grilled cheese
Supplies: Patrice Patissier for baked goods, sandwiches are homemade
Sitting Space: Roughly 40 seats (seats outside for summer as well)
Electrical Outlets: yes
WiFi: yes



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