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Café dei Campi


This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a cafe that’s been on my list for a while: Cafe Dei Campi. I’ve never been one to only visit certain types of coffee shops (ex. only third wave coffee shops-what does that even mean these days?) so I was glad that I can add another Italian  cafe to my list (my last one was a while back on Pinocchio!). I enjoy different types of coffee depending on my mood and I always take into consideration the overall feel when I add a coffee shop to my blog.

On that same note, I apologize to my loyal readers for not updating weekly since this past summer but this is because I wanted to make sure I stay true to why I started this blog in the first place: to cover quality coffee shops. Montreal is bursting with new coffee shops everyday and at some point, I felt myself trying to cover every single new coffee shop that opened (which is crazy, considering the exponential rate they’re opening at.) On the one hand, I like to stay neutral in my posts by providing my readers with information and letting them decide if the coffee shop suits their tastes enough to visit. On the other hand, I also want to curate the list to narrow down your caffeinated hopping adventures because I believe quality over quantity and less is more. The term coffee shop accompanies so much and every corner in Montreal is filled with ‘cafes’ thanks to our European influences. For the sake of this blog, I like to make a distinction between a place that happens to serve coffee with a bistro menu and a place that is serious about providing good coffee (whichever type they serve).

Cafe dei Campi is a welcome addition to the list. Their coffee comes from a local coffee roaster with a blend of their choosing and their food menu is all homemade and mostly vegan. After watching documentaries like Cowspiracy, I’ve been more conscious about sustainable diet so their vegan option is definitely a plus (I will be covering more vegan coffee shops from here on out). I was also reminded of why I like Italian coffee shops: they recognize different tastes by making their coffee to order. What kind of milk would you like? Would you like sugar? Do you like cocoa topping, cinnamon or none?  The interaction between barista and client is vivid and quickly established. The Italian feel is then rounded off with the little epicerie section they have on the side, selling Italian olive oils, dry pasta, olives, pasta sauces, etc. Italians are proud of their culture and being family oriented, they love sharing food with others as it is in a way, sharing a part of themselves with others. This type of authenticity is important, as I feel that many of the newly opened coffee shops are shallow in personality: aesthetics above all while atsmophere, quality and culture are lacking. The coffee here is strong and full bodied, the food is always fresh (they have a huge kitchen in the back), and the work ethic and passion guarantees that they will continue to grow positively in the future.



** better pictures from my camera coming soon!**

Cafe Dei Campi
1360 Boulevard Rosemont, Montréal, QC H2G 1V4
Coffee Roast: House blend
Foods: home made vegan baked goods and salty options like calzones and pizzettes.
Sitting Space: about 8 spots inside
Wifi: yes
Plugs: one

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