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Located next to Square Victoria metro, Cafe Differance does very well for itself. Their clientele consists mainly of business people working in the Old Port. I’ve even overheard a few interviews during my visits there. Regardless of the time I visit, there is always a steady stream of customers for take out coffee. These corporate clients may have started coming here out of the convenience of location but something in their subconscious must be telling them that the coffee is one of the best in the area.


What sticks out the most for me is the fact that they have fresh baked goods all the time. Not only are they affordable (some places sell their scones for 4$ ! Here it’s 2.50$), they’re also delicious! Though they have suppliers for their baked goods, they still have an in-house oven to bake them. When you walk in, the smell of freshly made foods fill the air. The turn over is always high so you’re guaranteed quality. If it’s not still warm from the oven, the option to toast is always there. For example, if I get a chocolatine, they almost always ask me if I want it heated and I love having that option. Because one thing is for sure: nothing is worse than getting a good coffee but a stale baked good that’s been sitting out, uncovered the whole day. Favourite baked goods picks include the raspberry muffin, croissant, and fruit scones.

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The coffee itself ranges from 49th Parallel to Bows and Arrows, both from BC, Canada. I like both their cappuccino and cortado and they are consistent with their shots. Their cold brew is decent as well if you’re feeling for a cold option. The shop is conveniently next to a metro and a few blocks from Chinatown. You might not want to sit there for long periods of time during rush hour as it gets noisy or go if you need lots of room (the tables are small).  However, there are always seats despite the high frequency, wifi for those who need access, good coffee and great choice of fresh baked goods. Though not my top choice if we are strictly talking about the coffee, Cafe Differance is a well rounded coffee shop that has me coming back.

Food & Amenities
Coffee Roast: 49th Parallel, Bows & Arrows
Foods: croissants, muffins, scones, cookies, brioches
Supplies: Les Touriers, Godley & Creme
Sitting Space: Roughly 18 seats
Electrical Outlets: yes
WiFi: yes
Points Cards: no


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