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Cafe Humble Lion

Cafe Humble Lion is conveniently located near Mcgill Metro station in Downtown, Montreal. The clientèle consists mainly of university students and 9-5 business workers. The place is definitely crowded during those peak hours but it is possible to have a quieter environment to do work or meet with a friend during off hours. Though they have served other coffee beans in the past, I noticed that they are now sticking with Bows and Arrows ( one of my favourites). You can also specify the amount of milk you want in your espresso drink but personally I’ve always been fine with the strength of the usual 6 oz. If I had to pick a guaranteed consistent good cup of cappuccino in the central downtown area, I would pick Humble Lion.


Like a few other downtown coffee shops, Humble Lion serves Godley and Creme baked goods which I absolutely adore. They have both salty and sweet scones and  the muffins are deliciously flavourful throughout (so no need to only eat the muffin top!). Since the baked goods are baked on site throughout the day, you’re guaranteed fresh batches. The shop also includes Mast Brothers chocolate, Société­-Orignal  goods, and Dose juice (they have the smaller format if you don’t want to spend a full $10 on cold pressed juice).

Finally, the quality of service has always been friendly, efficient and thoughtful. Once, I visited with a friend and because I had had two coffees prior, I wanted something not too filling (no milk) and not too caffeinated (filters are stronger than espresso). So, ironically I ordered my first Americano ever and funnily enough, the co-owner Jason, refused to serve me one. Knowing I have my blog, he proposed that he makes me a small filter cup instead. I guess it makes sense considering that it was invented  during WWII by American soldiers who added water to their coffee because they found Italian coffee too strong. I liked his approach as it was akin to a well meaning hairdresser advising you against a cut that may be trendy but not fit for your face shape/texture of hair. All in all, a solid coffee stop for those in the downtown area.

DSC_0210 DSC_0212

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Bows & Arrows
Foods: Scones, muffins, croissants, rolls, etc
Sitting Space: roughly 30
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: no
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