Laptop Friendly

Cafe M

24 ave. des Pins Est, Montreal
Quebec, H2W1N3
(514) 502-6702

Mon-Wed: 8h00-18h00
Sat-Sun: 9h00-18h00

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Verve and Barista
Foods: Almond croissants, croissants, sablé, crepes, waffles, and a few others.
Sitting Space: about 13 spots
Electrical Outlets: a few
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: no

Short Comments
My first thought was that this place smelled great. There were tall candles all over the small coffee shop so it added a nice refreshing change. Having recently opened a week or so prior to my visit, the place was already well furnished and nothing caught my eye in terms of loose ends. Cafe M is nicely decorated, easy on the eyes, and I found it adorable that there were little old Volkswagen camper vans here and there. I didn’t get anything to eat, as we had just had lunch, but I wish I could have tried either their crepe or waffle.

We were warmly welcomed and the barista brought our coffee on a neat wooden plank. Interestingly, the large cappuccino I ordered came in a Creuset mug. My cappuccinos are usually served in those basic glass cups. To those unfamiliar with Creuset, it’s a very high end French brand that produces mainly cast iron cookware.  The coffee itself was not as great as I would like it to be – it felt hollow tasting (I prefer my coffee full bodied). This one felt like just one flat note and not very flavourful. I had no problem with the fact that the coffee was not latte art style but rather the European, foam top serving but I think the espresso shot could have been more properly pulled. It is not a coffee roast problem either, because I’ve had Verve, it can be very good. It might have been because the staff is new or one of those off days but unfortunately, I don’t think I would risk coming back considering the mass of choices I have in Montreal.

Metro: Sherbrooke

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