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Cafe Melbourne is a small and simply designed coffee shop located in the Plateau.  Opened by expats from Melbourne, the coffee shop is perfect for those who wish to catch a glimpse of the source of ‘third wave’ coffee culture. Australia is the only country among many that managed to drive off Starbucks and instead thrive on small independent coffee shops. Since it is made up of originally Italian and Greek immigrants, espresso culture and appreciation existed long before Starbucks. This made it so that the average Australian knew a lot more about coffee than maybe even the Starbucks barista themselves. Add that to the fact that Australians have a relaxed lifestyle and you get the birth of down to earth coffee shops with quality espresso based drinks. Their culture is very much to socialize around food and coffee, where the latter is not a pretentious commodity but one for simple enjoyment. I found this same vibe being echoed at Cafe Melbourne.If you like stronger lattes and cappuccinos, make sure to mention that to the owners ( Angus and Xavier) when they’re making your coffee. As they explained to me, Montreal’s taste for coffee strength is a lot stronger than what most Australians drink. The added mocha powder on top of the latte art is also different from most other shops. I believe that too stems from the European influence to Australian coffee where they would often add chocolate powder or cinnamon on top of the milk based espresso drinks. Lastly, the shop has recently introduced their new coffee roast called the Melbourne Blend to replace the roast they used before, which was Montreal’s Kittel. Also from a local roaster and consisting of a Brazilian and Ethiopian blend, the roast was picked by the owners to achieve a signature taste for their coffee.
So try a jaffle or vegemite (wonderful comfort food), pair it up with a cup of coffee and relax. It’s just coffee.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Melbourne
Foods: Homemade:Jaffle (australian grilled cheese), vegemite scrolls,
muffins, biscuits and banana chocolate cake
Sitting Space: about 30 spots
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: no

**don’t forget to change the youtube quality settings on the bottom right to view in HD!*


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