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Café Pista


Pista definitely wins when it comes to decor. In a time when Instagram is at its peak influence, Pista caters to the IG crowd with their photogenic window stools, the metallic ceiling, pastel green walls and abundance of natural lighting. Considering that Pista used to primarily operate from a bicycle, the business has come far in terms of their presence in the Montreal coffee scene.

The coffee served is Montreal’s own Kittel and from my several visits between spring time and now, the coffee remains consistently good. The flavours are not groundbreaking nor sophisticated but Pista is guaranteed to give you a consistent solid cup of coffee. Please keep in mind that this is based on my orders of espresso based drinks, I rarely order filters ( I know, I know). Where they shine most is in the food they offer: baked goods from Dave Plant (who also happens to supply some goods for Dispatch Coffee on St Zotique) and a real food menu that is made in house. The menu consists of avocado toast, granola yogourt, eggs, ham and cheese croissant, cream cheese and bagels, and salad options. Their portions are generous and their ingredients fresh (possibly because of their proximity to Jean Talon Market). The coffee shop is also right across from the Beaubien metro so it’s definitely very conveniently located.

There are plenty of seats and of the few times I’ve visited Pista, it never seems overly crowded or too loud so it’s a great place for solo activities but also for meeting friends. They have two large long tables in the back which is ideal for groups while the front seats are more catered to couples or single patrons. Cafe Pista is solid overall and therefore worth a mention on my blog. Though not defining in their coffee, the atmosphere, decor, and food selection makes the cafe well rounded and worth a visit.

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