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  • European Feel, Laptop Friendly

    Café Chiado no.28

    Finding the time to blog about a new cafe when I have a full-time job is difficult. So although I’ve meant to visit Chiado no.28  for awhile now (thanks Kathlene!), I’ve put it…

  • European Feel

    Café dei Campi

    This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting a cafe that’s been on my list for a while: Cafe Dei Campi. I’ve never been one to only visit certain types of coffee shops…

  • European Feel, Family Friendly

    Cafe Pinocchio

    ‘Se dici le bugie ti si allunga il naso come a Pinocchio’ – if you lie, your nose will grow longer, just like Pinocchio’s! If you’ve ever been to Florence, Italy, you…

  • European Feel

    Cafe Ferlucci

    This little cafe has opened just over two months ago and I find myself already falling in love with it. Owned by cousins Gianni and Megan, Cafe Ferlucci is an adorable coffee…

  • European Feel

    Caffè San Simeon

    Having been to Italy, San Simeon feels as close to a true European coffee shop as it gets. It’s no surprise that this little cafe resides in the heart of Little Italy…

  • Montreal Cafe Crawl Caffe in Gamba
    European Feel

    Caffè in Gamba

    I haven’t been to an absurd amount of coffee shops (yet) but Caffè in Gamba is going to be hard to beat. This place is awesome. Unlike most coffee shops that feel…