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  • Grab & Go, Laptop Friendly

    Cafe Humble Lion

    Cafe Humble Lion is conveniently located near Mcgill Metro station in Downtown, Montreal. The clientèle consists mainly of university students and 9-5 business workers. The place is definitely crowded during those peak hours…

  • Family Friendly, Laptop Friendly

    Cafe 8 Oz.

    Having opened exactly a year ago on November 14th, I have the pleasure to cover Cafe 8 Oz for this week’s blog post. I have known this adorable Rosemont cafe since it…

  • Cafe Plume
    Laptop Friendly

    Cafe Plume

      Cafe Plume is a modern take on your typical third wave coffee shop. It’s clean, bright, and open with plenty of seating. There’s art lining the exposed-brick wall (which you can…

  • Hole in the Wall, Laptop Friendly

    La Formule Espresso (closed)

    1970 St Catherine Ouest, Montreal Quebec, H3H 1M4 514 937 1818   Hours Mon-Fri:07h30-18h00 Sat: Closed Sun: 12h00-17h00 Food and Amenities Coffee Roast: Pilot Foods: Regal Matinal baked goods,  homemade muffins Sitting Space:…

  • Laptop Friendly

    Cafe M

    24 ave. des Pins Est, Montreal Quebec, H2W1N3 (514) 502-6702 Hours Mon-Wed: 8h00-18h00 Thurs-Fri:8h00-19h00 Sat-Sun: 9h00-18h00 Food and Amenities Coffee Roast: Verve and Barista Foods: Almond croissants, croissants, sablé, crepes, waffles, and a…

  • Montreal Cafe Crawl Mechant Cafe
    Laptop Friendly

    Mechant Cafe

    With small coffee tables in the front and a large communal table in the back, Mechant Cafe welcomes both people watchers and students alike. They have a variety of food to choose from and their…