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Chez Boris

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Chez Boris is a small, quirky Russian donut cafe. It’s not glamorous in design, nor does it try to be. The tables are papier-mache wrapped and red bird houses hang from the ceiling. There are black and white tiles lining the walls in the back and the lights are made of bare lightbulbs inside plastic milk jugs. It’s no wonder that I can always walk into Chez Boris with ease and feel at home. From the few times I’ve visited, music is rarely playing so if you need some work done or want to have a one on one talk with a friend, Chez Boris is for you.

The coffee is decent, serving either Kittel or 49th Parallel depending on the espresso/filter choice but you won’t find latte art nor a Marzocco espresso machine. At the same time though, I did not realize they had a ‘Sovietique’ option for Russian coffee until after I ordered my usual. Apparently, it’s like vietnamese coffee: drip coffee with condensed milk. I’ll definitely have to remember to try it next time.

What gets me coming back is the overall experience: a comfortable environment where the cheap, fresh, donuts are complimented with a good cup of coffee. This place is also good if you’re the type to like heart stopping, guilty pleasure combinations like the ‘beignwiche” (donut sandwich with the choice of bacon, egg and cheddar or pulled pork with hoisin and green onions).

All in all, a very unique coffee shop worth a visit as it differentiates itself from others in terms of ambiance, menu items, and stylistic presentations.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Kittel, 49th Parallel
Foods: donuts, donut sandwichs, pierogi
Sitting Space: about 35 spots
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: no

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