Coffee & Dessert

Chez Milo & Fine

1123 Beaubien Est, Montreal
Quebec, H2S 1T6


Sat-Sun: 10h00-15h00

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: St-Henri
Foods: crepes bretonnes, galette-saucisse, and other salt/sweet crepe specialities.
Sitting Space: about 13 spots
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: no
Points Cards: no

Short Comments
This lovely micro-cafe opened its doors in early February with the help of crowd-funding site, Indiegogo. Whoever donated to that campaign, I must say I am very grateful because Chez Milo & Fine is a rare gem for Montreal. First, they serve one of my favourite coffee roasters, St-Henri. I ordered an espresso instead of my usual cappuccino and I was happy to find the the ‘Holy Cow Roast’ shot was pulled very nicely.

Second, they have a delicious variety of crepe related dishes (French-Britanny style). Restaurants often claim that they make regional-specific dishes such as ‘belgian waffles’ or ‘philly-cheesesteak’ but when you actually try it, it tastes very generic. At Chez Milo & Fine however, it feels authentic. You can enjoy the crepe dentelle plain or dip it in the amazing homemade salted caramel sauce that comes with it for a little zing. The sauce is more of a compliment than something to make up for the crepe’s lack of taste- on the contrary,  I started eating the crepe by itself because it was so delicious as is.

You should also  try their galette-saucisse, a street-food specialty in Upper Britanny, usually enjoyed for outdoor public events and sports games. It’s basically a buckwheat type crepe wrapped around a grilled pork sausage. Yum!

All in all, Chez Milo & Fine is a great place to do some quiet readings or friendly catchups over good coffee and breakfast/brunch options.


**don’t forget to change the youtube quality settings on the bottom right to view in HD!*

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