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Coffee Hopping in Toronto

Earlier this month I had the chance to go to Toronto to visit a friend and enjoy a different city life for a weekend. The trip was amazing; I was able to reconnect with some old faces and eat delicious food, namely (Souk Tabule and Pai). At the same time, of course, I wanted to add some new coffee shops to my very small Toronto list. It was hard to choose which ones to go to because of logistics but I ended up with two to add for now until my next visit: Offsite and Little Nicky’s.


Offsite left a great impression on me due to its beautiful space and excellent coffee. The place is minimalist in decor with edgy (literally) art pieces and a fashion store connected in the back. The cafe is brightly lit with lots of white spaces to reflect the rays from the window, thoroughly dispersing light in the shop. My cappuccino was excellent since my preferred cappuccino these days are the lighter, fruitier notes with creamy, silky foam. I used to enjoy espresso shots that cut boldly through the milk but more recently I enjoy subtle flavours with an overall depth. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they serve De Mello Palheta roasts with Harmony organic milk? In any case, if you like Finca, Cafe 8 Oz or Humble Lion, you’d like it here.

On the other hand, I had a croissant there and I was not surprised when I didn’t like it. It’s hard to beat the croissants we have in Montreal, even if it’s just a 6-hour drive away westward. I bet you they just didn’t put enough butter. Croissants are flaky yes, but the inside should be moist, flexible, and airy. I shouldn’t feel the need to gobble down a lot of water to balance the dryness I feel after eating a few bites. Maybe it was an off croissant or I would’ve been better off with their other choices (banana square, carrot cakes or maybe the ham & cheese croissant). But at least from my experience, their strong point is in their coffee and artsy space. They also have speciality drinks that I would have loved to try had I had more time. This includes turmeric latte, gingerbread cinnamon latte, lavender chamomile tea latte, coconut hot chocolate or chinatown fog (like London fog). The wifi works well and there is a large table if you need more table space. If you get distracted, you have the beautiful gallery and clothing store in the back to explore. Offsite is a solid recommendation on my part.

The second shop I visited was Little Nicky’s. I had already been in the past but I wanted a refresher since I guess I’m a more ‘seasoned’ coffee blogger. Plus, it was near where I was staying in downtown so convenience did come into play. Verdict: still love it. It was too early in the morning when I came so I didn’t try their famous housemade mini-donuts but if you get the chance to go, a lot of my foodie friends recommend the doughnuts! I know their cookies are excellent because there is a sprinkle of salt to counterbalance the sweetness and those are always my favourite kind of cookies. They also have a small selection of lunch sandwiches or bagels if you want something other than baked goods. Ambiance wise, I guess I would describe Little Nicky’s as rustic retro with its checkered floors and vintage bar seating. The place is very small with approximately 12 seats and small tables (unless you count the bar seats which are very narrow). Definitely not where you would go if you have a laptop. The coffee was good and on the stronger side Unfortunately, I forgot to ask which roaster they use so if anyone knows, please comment below so I can update this post.

Definitely sad that I couldn’t visit more, but hey, quality over quantity. Hope you guys get a chance to visit them soon! If you’re a Montrealer and if you’re in Toronto and have not visited these two cafes, please go, they’re well worth it.

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