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Hof Kelsten

I finally got to find out what the hype was all about and I must say, it was well deserved. Though not really a coffee shop, the boulangerie has great coffee which explains why I’m adding Hof Kelsten to my list. Their coffee beans come from Parlor and I enjoyed my cappuccino a lot. Of course, I could have picked from a bunch of different baked goods but I felt like something more savoury this morning so I ordered a sandwich instead. We got the brisket (or poitrine de boeuf) sandwich and the salami sandwich, both of which were very tasty. The bread was moist and warm, and the fillings were fresh and flavourful.

We went for something light this time but the couple next to us got such a succulent brunch combo that I’ll be sure to order something from their brunch menu instead of their sandwich menu next time I’m here. Great coffee is one thing, but having good food to compliment it is another. Overall, great experience, definitely highly recommended and no, this place is not overrated.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Parlor
Foods: A bunch of baked goods (see video)
Sitting Space: about 19 spots
Electrical Outlets: none
Wifi: none
Points Cards: no

For address and updated hours, check out their Facebook page!

**don’t forget to change the youtube quality settings on the bottom right to view in HD!*


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