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Hotel Ambrose Cafe

Downtown is booming with new cafes every month and Hotel Ambrose’s new cafe is one of them. If it weren’t for my good friend, Belinda (who also runs a cute blog on paper and pen, Quire & Co., check it out!), I would’ve missed the opportunity to come to their launch because I don’t regularly check my Instagram inbox. I’m glad I discovered them because they are a great addition to the scene.

Located just above Sherbrooke on Stanley Street, Hotel Ambrose is a hotel that has recently added a cafe. Run by the lovely, @chewthroughthepain, the staff is friendly and humble. I appreciate good service and genuine smiles at coffee shops only because I find it makes or breaks a cafe now that we have so many options in Montreal. As a service based business, if you remain authentic, open-minded and friendly, your success rates are much higher. The passion for self-growth and flexibility, in my opinion, is very valuable.

The coffee served is Kittel – chosen primarily because of accessibility and to support local businesses. The trend these days seem to lean more towards fruitier, citrusy, light tasting roasts so if that is your preference, you might hold back on visiting this cafe. If, however, you are open to good coffee regardless of style, then you should come to Hotel Ambrose Cafe. The two times I’ve been, they were serving Kittel’s Fullum which is bold with chocolate notes but they will also be getting some single origins like Kittel’s Ethiopian. Given that they are under a week old, the latte art is not perfected yet but the shots are coming out nice and the taste is there. Given a few months, I’m sure their coffee will be amazing. In terms of vegan coffee options, they have almond and soy milk. In terms of food, besides the baked goods (croissant, cookies and Guillaume muffins), they also have toast options (bread from Guillaume as well) and oeuf-a-la-coque with parmesan. Finally, if you are more of a tea drinker, you can expect good old Camellia Sinensis. I think the only thing left to add to their menu is something like a chia bowl/yogourt granola/acai bowl.

The cafe is cozy, with a combination of tables and a few benches (roughly 16 seats). They will be opening their summer terrace soon as well so that will definitely at to the seating. If you go during off hours, you can work on your laptop but otherwise, I would encourage you to stick to friend meetups or solo book reading. They have good wifi and the music is not overbearingly loud that it drowns out your companion’s voice. The Victorian decor makes me think of the former Petit Trianon in NDG who have since opened up a chocolate factory instead (Cacao 70 Factory in Pointe St Charles). I like that the cafe chose against the bare Edison bulbs and mismatched chairs because once in a while, I like the more classy feel. My overall impression is a good one, and even though it is still early, I see potential. The coffee is good, the food menu balances both sweet and savoury preferences and the ambiance is warm and friendly. With a few months to mature, I’m sure Hotel Ambrose cafe will be here to stay.




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