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Kitsune Espresso Bar

I’ve visited Kitsune awhile back and having revisited today, I wonder why I don’t come back as often. They have a variety of baked goods which is always a must for me (I need something good to accompany my coffee) and I really enjoyed my gibraltar. My boyfriend got the cappuccino and personally, I found it a little too milky for my taste so I was happy with my choice. They also have a large basket of fresh oranges available so that is a great alternative if you feel too coffee’d out. They also offer soy milk alternatives to their menu.

As for most independent coffee shops, I don’t suggest you stay too long with your laptop. However, Kitsune has wide communal tables for those who want to do some quick work on their laptops without having to cram their cup of coffee, baked good and laptop on a stool-like table top. Overall, pleasant experience and I’ll definitely swing by if I’m in the area.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Anchored Coffee
Foods: Variety of baked goods, Regal Matinal & Sweet Lee’s Bakery
Sitting Space: about 15 spots, indoor bike rack available
Electrical Outlets: yes, under the table.
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: yes (Indie Coffee Passport)

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