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Kitsune – Lowney sur Ville

When I heard about Kitsune’s second coffee shop, I was a bit envious because of where it was located: right underneath a condo building. Whereas I just have a dentist office and a pharmacy on the ground floor, Lowney Sur Ville dwellers get an independent coffee shop serving Detour coffee and small brunch menu at their doorstep.

The place is extremely well lit because of the surrounding windows and I can see that the shop will be very popular during the summer with the possibility of terrace space, etc. The tropical wallpaper also adds to the shop to give a more airy and breathable atmosphere. The tables are modern and sleek smooth -even the knobs on the cupboards are cutely designed.
DSC_0422 DSC_0425

Decor aside, the coffee wasn’t as impressive. The cappuccino I had, Punch Buggy by Detour, was served too hot so that left a  harsh bitter after taste in my mouth – not to mention it was pricier than I expected ($4.50 for a cap?). I wouldn’t cross them out  because I’ve been to the main location and I’ve had decent cortados and cappuccinos there before; they certainly have the experience necessary. But as of right now, I’m a bit put off given that this is their second location so the new coffee shop excuse doesn’t work for them. On the other hand, the baked goods are identical to that found at the Prince Arthur location so Kitsune fans will be happy to know at least that is consistent. They also have a brunch menu that seems interesting but it was nearing lunch so I didn’t try one. Currently, their menu includes eggs benedict, egg sandwiches, Thai curry and vegetable soups (priced in the mid 10$’s)

Aesthetically, Kitsune’s new location is great just because it’s so bright and fresh looking but coffee wise, they have to work on it a bit.  I think the brunch concept will be what wins people over the most and given the fact that there is little restaurant commerce in the area, condo residential owners will surely flock the shop.

Coffee Roast: Detour
Foods: Variety of baked goods from Sweet Lee’s as well as brunch options
Sitting Space: about 20 spots, indoor bike rack available
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes


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