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La Finca café & bureau


I absolutely adore this place. The atmosphere is cosy with a delicate decor. There is a friendly staff, a diverse menu and of course, delicious coffee. The cafe is brightly lit due to the wide and tall windows ( yes, you Instagrammers would be overjoyed if you haven’t visited yet). When you first enter, you are greeted with a set of stairs and decorative pillows -intended for those who like higher vantage points to sip on their coffee (try not to be too creepy about it). On your left, you will find a large table that is laptop friendly and good for bigger groups. You also have, of course, tables of two and the window seats for the whimsical type. They also have a bureau section where freelancers can get private rooms to work in or hold meetings with their clients. The tech community in Montreal has been brewing quietly for awhile now so it’s great to know that there is a growing amount of presentable places to go to if you don’t work in a traditional office space.

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I’ll be honest. Lately, I’ve been favouring coffee shops with real substantial food. I understand it’s more expensive to maintain fresh ingredients to cook up a meal when you’re a small coffee shop (constantly having fresh fruits and lettuce available in case someone orders is definitely costly and can even be wasteful if there aren’t enough orders).  But sometimes I want more than just a doughnut or scone for breakfast so the abundance of options is welcoming. At Finca, I tried their squash soup and it was delicious: savoury with lots of depth and the perfect consistency for a puree. The coffee they serve is De Mello Palheta, an Ontario roaster that I’ve mentioned before and also gaining popularity in Montreal. Their cappuccino is not the strong, robust type but rather lighter with more subtle notes.

The staff members have great chemistry and team spirit. This is always reassuring because a coffee shop’s quality is  dependent on the customer experience and that is dependent on the aura and service of the employees. For example, while I was snapping away with my DSLR, I was told by a staff member that they have a rule: anyone who takes pictures of the cafe must wear the brown cowboy hat. I laughed and accepted but when they told me it was just a joke, I allowed my inner introvert to let out a sigh of relief. I’m not saying that cafe employees should strike a conversation with everyone that walks in. But if you know that the employees enjoy being there and cherish the relationship with the clientele, your experience becomes that much better.


All in all, an excellent addition to the Montreal independent coffee shop scene. I love it when I find a coffee shop that feels long term and not just a project of an investor that wants to cash in on a fad or trend. I can see a long term goal and an attention to detail and quality. Cafe La Finca is highly recommended to my readers.


La Finca café & bureau
1067 Rue de Bleury, Montréal, H2Z 1N1
Coffee Roast: De Mello Palheta
Foods: tartines, sandwiches, baked goods, grilled cheese, granola & yogourt.
Sitting Space: about 30 spots.
Wifi: yes
Plugs: yes

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