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La Formule Espresso (closed)

1970 St Catherine Ouest, Montreal
Quebec, H3H 1M4
514 937 1818


Sat: Closed
Sun: 12h00-17h00

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Pilot
Foods: Regal Matinal baked goods,  homemade muffins
Sitting Space: about 15 spots
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: no

Short Comments
La Formule Espresso is a beautiful, open space concept coffee shop located between Guy Concordia and Atwater metro. Concealed inside a candy shop called The Scoop, this hidden gem serves delicious, quality coffee. The owner, John, found his passion for coffee after tasting the Kilenso roast by Pilot Roasters at Pourquoi Pas Espresso bar. Unable to get over the sweet cake-like flavoured drink, he soon found himself immersed in the world of independent coffee and finally, with La Formule Espresso.

During the week, the coffee shop provides the famous and beloved Regal Matinal baked goods (think buttery croissants!). During the weekend, homemade warm muffins are on display. The region of coffee bean is always specified on the large black chalk board pole based on the type of coffee drink: filter or espresso. In the case where coffee regions have absolutely no meaning to you, John will humbly take the time to explain the flavours/notes of the day’s roast.  I have been there more than five times now and I can guarantee you that each cup served is dealt with absolute care and precision; enjoy!

Edit: July 4th 2015// La Formule Espresso has announced earlier this week they will be closing their coffee shop as of July 31st 2015.
Metro: Guy Concordia/Atwater
Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=zNiN6TsCuWR8.k_gkR509fVps

**don’t forget to change the youtube quality settings on the bottom right to view in HD!*


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