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Le Butterblume


When I decided to pay Le Butterblume a visit, I didn’t realise what a pleasant discovery I would be making until I got there. Judging from the few Instagram pictures I saw and  since I had yet to read Eater‘s post, I was expecting a small, brightly lit coffee shop with plants. Instead, I got a spacious cafe with a corner designated for bouquet buying and an extensive breakfast, brunch and lunch menu. The new Mile End cafe had only been open for two weeks and yet the place was filled with patrons and a bustling energy so contagious, I’m sure they could have given me an apple on a plate and I would have declared it the best apple I’ve ever eaten. Dramatics aside, we were greeted instantly with a friendly smile from the cashier who told us where to stand so that the hostess could come get us. A split second later, the hostess/waitress found us and splitting into an equally friendly smile, she asked us if we would like to sit at the bar (yes, please!). Service wise, this place is top notch.

The cappucinos we ordered was refreshing in flavour and the company responsible is Hale Coffee Roasters from Toronto. The notes for my cappuccino were less of the subtle floral and fruity notes that I’ve been favouring and more of the stronger caramel, nutty and woodsy flavours (what I used to like more). Yet, I thoroughly enjoyed my cup and found the milk proportion complimented well. The experience reminded me of my first cappuccino from Pikolo Espresso a few years back, when I tasted an artisanal roast other than 49th Parallel.


For the food, we decided to go the sweet route and ordered a scone with jam and a french toast (the breakfast boudin on the menu was very tempting though!). The scone was less like the Godley & Creme version that’s popular in a lot of coffee shops these days and more classical in that it was plain flavoured and served with homemade jam. The pain perdu was good, though Lemeac’s is still the best. What I really liked was the mascarpone that topped the banana-pudding-like french toast. It was a creative twist to contrast the sweeter parts of the meal and made the dish lighter.

All in all, this will be a great find for many, though maybe not for those who wish to work on their laptops as there seems to always be a stream of patrons coming in for food. Coffee and food-wise though, this place is excellent and I’m really liking this cafe hybrid brunch idea that’s been propagating in Montreal.

Note: I apologize for the phone pictures, my DSLR was out of battery 🙁

IMG_20160611_113956IMG_20160611_114434 IMG_20160611_114116

Coffee Roast: Hale Coffee
Foods: homemade baked goods (scones, muffins, cinnamon rolls) and breakfast/lunch meals.
Sitting Space: about 40 spots and a small bench outside for summer.
Wifi: yes


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