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Cafe Myriade (formerly Le Couteau)

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4627 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, QC H2J 2L4
(514) 940-0444

I guess it’s inevitable that I cover Le Couteau. What I like to call one of the three classics (Cafe Myriade and Cafe Plume being the other two), Le Couteau has always been consistent with its dedication to delivering quality coffee. From the first time I visited in spring 2012 to just last week, I’m always met with an amazingly well prepared coffee (filter or espresso based equally).

The decor is clean, modern and sophisticated, aiming for a more polished look than some other coffee shops. Even the design for the logo is precise and crisp looking. Retrospectively, I see the planning behind Le Couteau was thorough and not rushed. By now, I’ve visited a number of coffee shops to be able to say Chris Capell (the owner)’s vision was clear and focused from the start. It is telling that they still manage to keep the same roaster all these years, 49th Parallel, and still make quality coffee. I say this because for a while, 49th Parallel roast beans were all the rage in coffee shops and everyone used them. Then, when consumers’ palettes grew tired of them, many coffee shops switched to different, more trendy roasts. Le Couteau, however, continued to stick with the same roaster, having built a relationship of trust with their coffee supplier and varying the flavours according to seasons, etc. This same meticulous trait is reflected in their coffee, a huge advantage for consumers, since good coffee brewing is very much a chemical process involving careful scientific measurements.

Their food menu has increased over time to provide a variety of well known baked goods, notably: Arhoma, Carrément Tarte and my recent favourite, Godley and Crème. I have always liked Le Couteau for the coffee but did not frequent it as much as now because there was little choice in baked goods. Now, however, the coffee shop is the whole package; a great classy environment with roomy tables, audible music that is not overpowering, friendly and quick staff, and delicious coffee and food.

Mature and steady, Le Couteau ages well with time.

**EDIT // Aug 6th 2016: Le Couteau’s owner, Chris Capell, has decided to move on to other projects. The shop is now called Myriade Espresso Bar and is run by the same people as the other Myriade’s in the city. You can read about the details of the change, here.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: 49th Parallel
Foods: Hof Kelsten
Sitting Space: about 45 spots inside, 22 outside
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: no

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