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Mechant Cafe

With small coffee tables in the front and a large communal table in the back, Mechant Cafe welcomes both people watchers and students alike. They have a variety of food to choose from and their fun decor shows just how much personality the owners of the coffee shop have. Finally, it’s reassuring to know that if ever I want a good java cup (I was sure I would be stuck with Timmy’s and Starbucks when I first moved into my apartment), I don’t have trek all the way to the Plateau/Mile end area. Instead, I know that Mechant Cafe will be there, welcoming and friendly as always, to serve me a mean coffee.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Trebilcock
Foods: Donuts (Tue-Wed), Sweet Lee’s Rustique Bakery (school season), variety of Grilled Cheese
Sitting Space: spacious single tables and long tables in the back.
Electrical Outlets: ~6
Wifi: Yes
Points Cards: Yes
Indie Coffee Passport: Yes

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