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Monopole Cafe

I guess the first thing that struck me about Monopole was their interior design. I loved the curves of their wooden countertop, their industrial concrete ceilings, and their modern light fixtures. Their wallpaper is a pastel blue, floral print and the small flower pots that are scattered around accentuates the warm and welcoming atmosphere. There is a combination of comfy banquets, small tables, and bar stools which means they encourage all types of patrons.

The coffee is delicious. I’ve visited them at least five times now and every time, my cappuccino is perfect. The espresso shots are well pulled, the milk foam delicately moussed and the art on point. The flavours blossom in my mouth and the after taste is not astringent -which is common when the shot is too harshly pulled. I guess this shouldn’t be a surprise considering the resume of the owners (Cafe Differance, Toqué!). The coffee they use is a rotation between Bows and Arrows and 49th Parallel, two well known Canadian roasters. Don’t let your preference of roaster defer you from visiting them because they do a great job in extracting the right flavours from a debatably overused roaster. I know light, fruity roasters such as De Mello are gaining a lot of traction in Montreal but instead of homogenizing the palate in the city, I’m always happy to know that some cafes stick to a roaster they know well and love to deliver excellent coffee. A few years ago, I would have named you my favourite roaster (Phil and Sebastien) and that would be the end of that. Now, I seek out cafes serving different types of coffee depending on my mood because we now have the luxury of having so many choices in Montreal.

Can't stop eating these scones! So good.

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In terms of food, they have croissants and other flaky goods from Hof Kelsten  (love the raisin roll) while the scones and muffins are from Godley and Creme (I recognize those taste fruity scones anywhere!). They also have small brunch/breakfast options if you don’t want a baked good. Sadly, I have not visited them for the evening menu which includes a variety of cocktail and wine and food to eat. Those who love aesthetically pleasing food will be happy to know they take great care in the presentation of their dishes so go ahead and snap away (not to downplay the taste of course)! For example, Cafe Pista lovers will like this place as well.

The music varies depending on who’s on shift so I can’t say there is a consistent playlist there but for the most part, the songs are the standard ones in most coffee shops. There are a few places with plugs and the wifi connection is fast so laptop use is doable if you’re not visiting during rush hour.

All in all (my favourite wrap up queue), I love this place and I’m very sad that I was too busy to write about them until now. But hopefully you follow me on Instagram and knew about it at least. If you haven’t visited yet, I highly recommend you go, whether it be for the evening cocktails (so many of my friends who live in the old port love it) or for morning coffee. I mean, if someone hosted a full on baby shower here, you should at least be curious enough to venture to Monopole Cafe.



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