Montreal Coffee Shops

With the drop down menu, you will find a curated list of my favourite coffee shops. Depending on your preferences, I have categorized the coffee shops according to what you may be looking for.

Coffee & Dessert
For coffee shops that offer desserts such as pastries, donuts, or crepes for food instead of the regular coffee shop food.

European Feel
These shops are more of the traditional European style where the environment is more for people watching and animated conversation than for studying.

Grab & Go
For coffee shops that are more for one on one talks with a friend, solo reading, small tables, or maybe even no wifi.

Hole in the Wall
For coffee shops that are attached to another commerce, located in a basement, or in a secluded place where you may have missed had you not known of its existence.

Local Roasters
For coffee shops that roast their own beans or customize their beans in some way. You may find an actual coffee roaster on site.

Real Food
For coffee shops that offer a large variety of food, enough that you can go for brunch or lunch and feel satisfyingly full afterwards.

Laptop Friendly
For my student/tech/freelancing audience who look for spaces with large tables, wifi, plugs, and quiet enough ambiance to work in.

Family Friendly
Ideal coffee shops for those with kids and dogs. This could either because of the type clientele in the neighbourhood, the spaciousness/presence of terrace, or dog treats/dog bowls.

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