New Contributor to Bean Stalk! Welcome Mike!

                                                                                    (Coffee and donut at Dynamo Donuts in SF 2014)

So in case some of you missed last week’s post or don’t follow me on twitter/instagram (you should! I’m pretty interesting!), Mike Assor will be joining Bean Stalk to help me with coffee shop reviews and videos. Mike has a lot of passion for photography, writing and most importantly, coffee so of course I had to accept when he offered! With his help, Bean Stalk would be able to cover a lot more shops at a quicker pace and would leave room for different types of posts including every day consumer inquiries like home brewing, general tips, types of coffee roasts, equipments, etc.

His short ‘about me’ section will be up soon for those who would like to learn more about him. Meanwhile, you can differentiate our posts by our name signature at the bottom of each post (and no doubt, our way of writing as well).

One last thing to keep in mind is that the goal of this blog is always the same: to provide you with enough information to know whether or not you want to go try a place, based on your preferences. Unless the shop is surprisingly unpleasant (I will most likely just not post for that shop), Bean Stalk will remain neutral and diplomatic. It is not about pitching coffee shops against each other, nor about which shop is the more ‘it’ or popular shop. If that is what you are looking for, I’m sorry but this blog will not be for that. Despite what we may think, with the exception of a few, most people look for a global experience at a coffee shop. The ambiance/decor, the people, the busyness, the music, your mood, the food choices, and the available desk space are all factors that may unconsciously play on why you like the coffee shop or not. Not to mention we also grew up with very different exposures to coffee. That is why, this blog aims to give you as much information possible so that, assuming you know yourself, you can decide if you want to take that leap of faith and visit that cafe.


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