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Cafe Odessa is a sweet, nautical themed independent coffee shop that serves Pilot coffee beans (a Toronto based roaster). The cafe stays modest in decor, choosing a clean, crisp look that is easy on the eyes and welcoming. They mainly serve Pilot, but on my last visit I had Bows & Arrows coffee and that was just as delicious. Of course the roast always matters, but it is also important that the barista pulls the proper espresso shot. The rotation of coffee beans sold as retail or made in house is always based on the freshness of their latest shipping. This way you can be sure you get both fresh beans for your home as well as aerated beans for your coffee order.

Odessa is great for a one-on-one with a friend while enjoying good coffee and delicious baked goods (who can say no to either Patisserie Rhubarbe or Saint Donut?). What’s more, I never found the place overbearingly loud so you can hear one another while you enjoy yourselves. You can expect friendly service, quality food and beverage in a casual environment.

A real treat.
Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: mainly Pilot and rotational Bows & Arrows and Anchored Coffee depending on fresh stock.
Foods: variety of goods from Patisserie Rhubarbe and Saint Donut on Saturdays
Sitting Space: about 15 spots
Electrical Outlets: a few, but tables are on the smaller side so studying there is not suggested.
Wifi: yes
Points Cards: no

Edit: July 4th 2015// Saint donut is no longer on the menu.

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