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DSC_3535I was lucky enough to have a few days off work so I decided to visit my friend in Toronto and at the same time, add a few coffee shops to my blog. Eventually, I’m hoping to cover coffee shops outside of Montreal because lets face it, how awesome would it be if wherever you go, you’ll have a list of good local coffee shops with in depth information? At least for me, it’s pretty important when I plan my travels that they’ll be good coffee wherever I’m going.

So my first stop was Odin, Odin was definitely what I imagined from Instagram pictures and coffee enthusiasts. The minimalist scandinavian decor was breathtaking and I remember taking an absurd amount of shots because every angle was beautiful. The ambiance was very quiet; the music was at a minimal volume and people spoke quietly. The staff was great and super friendly despite my many questions. Definitely a great place if you need lots of table space, wifi, and a quiet setting.

The coffee shop supplies Pilot coffee, which has grown in popularity lately especially in Toronto. Which is understandable as the company is based in Toronto so hurray for the rise in popularity for Canadian roasts! Overall, my cortado was decent though it was on the stronger, sharper side. Maybe I should have ordered a cappuccino because I’ve been leaning more towards lighter, fruitier espresso shot with silky smooth foam.

In terms of food, you might not want to go there if you plan on sitting for awhile to do work (like right through lunch) as there are only small snacks to choose from. For carbs-lovers, the baked goods were mainly different types of cookies. I went during a weekday morning so maybe at different times they have other baked goods. In any case, I got an all day cookie and it was a bit disappointing; I found it hard to finish and only ate half because it was too salty. Finally, Odin also becomes a bar at night, with a selection of beer and wine so the beautiful space can be enjoyed in a late night setting.

Overall, great space with decent coffee but not a lot of food choices.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Pilot
Foods: Cookies, Granola Yogourt, Burritos, Wraps, Paninis, and Empanadas.
Sitting Space: about 25-30 seats indoors, with a terrace outside
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes

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