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The quaint little space feels at home and cozy with plenty of wood furniture and warm, industrial lighting. Pikolo is quiet and comfortable most of the time, but can feel a bit busy and cramped during a rush. You’ll find that there is no lack of coffee beans and accessories here as they line every shelf and counter. It’s a great place to find some quality beans from the likes of 49th Parallel and Phil and Sebastien Coffee Roasters, and some handy DIY hardware like the Aeropress, Hario V60 and some classic French Presses. The selection of beans is quite varied, and the staff will happily explain to you the difference when they’re not busy. Personally, I tried an Ethiopian medium roast alongside a double espresso alongé; I found the pour-over to be excellently made, but the roast was a bit too fruity for my palate. The espresso on the other hand, was great.

They have a modest windowed display for their baked goods. I tried a simple chocolatine and a slice of their white chocolate apple pecan bread and had no complaints there, really tasty and went great with the coffee.

Pikolo is a great place to study or catch up with a friend. Every table is big enough for a laptop or a book, and has an outlet close by (though no WiFi, as I found out through a post-it note right beside their iPad POS system).

All in all, I had a very pleasant experience at Pikolo and would definitely stop by for a coffee or grab one on the run!

Food & Amenities:
Coffee Roast: 49th Parallel, Phil and Sebastien Coffee Roasters
Foods: Cakes, baked goods
Sitting space: ~30 spots
Electrical Outlets: yes
WiFi: no
Check out the video in HD:

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  • Reply JSon May 8, 2015 at 4:29 am

    They do have wifi last I was there

    • Reply JSon May 8, 2015 at 4:30 am

      Maybe not anymore, this post is quite recent :/

      • Reply Linh May 8, 2015 at 11:06 am

        Hi Jason! Ya, just recently when Mike went to write the post, they had a note saying no wifi. When I went back again a week later, there was still no wifi 🙁 Guess they wanted higher turnover since a lot of students go and stay awhile on their laptops.

        Thanks for the input though, it was greatly appreciated! If you see anything else to update on our posts, let us know 😀

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