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Café Standard

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A new cafe located on Sherbrooke in NDG, the Standard Cafe identifies itself as fourth wave cafe- bridging the gap between quality coffee and fashion. No, I don’t really know what that means, but there’s also an article on fourth waves which you can read about here. As some of you may have heard, Le Petit Trianon, a pastry and coffee shop had closed in early summer and Sherbrooke west was left without artisanal coffee presence for a short period. I was saddened by the news only because I do not live on the eastern side of the orange line (Villeray, Rosemont, Mile End, Plateau) or downtown so my choices are limited unless I have access to a car. The closest for me would be Melk on Monkland but it’s always nice to have a variety of choices. So I was delighted when I heard about Café Standard and after a few solid visits decided it should be shared on my blog.

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The decor is very similar to the nearby WANT Apothecary with the black walls and gold plated trimmings. They have a display of accessories on sale and the couches are a darker shade of grey/black to emphasise a more chic look – appropriate considering the location. The baked goods are supplied by Patisserie Rhubarbe, Hof Kelsten and Trou de Beigne so if you’ve had their products before, you know what to expect. Coffee quality is pretty good, as can be expected from the same people who brought you Myriade II in Mile End. They primarily use 49th Parallel and the coffee to milk ratio is strong so getting an iced latte from them is a very good option ( I don’t like it with my iced latte is too milky, the ice is already diluting my drink!). Note: Though I did not notice on my first few visits, my recent visit made me realise they do not have aircon so if you were to go on a hot day, a terrace seat is a must. Hopefully, this is a short-term disadvantage considering they’re still fairly new. If you’re gonna try the upscale vibe, your store temperature should be a priority.

They are not a defining coffee shop if that’s what you’re looking for but they’re solid in terms of coffee quality, food options and space. There are no real meals to accompany your java drink but as far as baked goods go, they’re fresh and guaranteed tasty considering their sources. Montreal coffee shops have really progressed these past few years and it’s rare that you stumble on a burnt cup of coffee these days. The tastes between coffee shops are merging and after going to quite a few shops, I can see where the average Montreal palate is favouring in terms of coffee flavour. Competition has grown more fierce and the clientele more educated; it is no wonder that coffee shops are focusing on tried and true methods.


The Standard
5135 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H4A 3M6
Coffee Roast: 49th Parallel
Foods: St Viateur Bagels, Patisserie Rhubarbe & Hof Kelsten viennoiseries and Trou de Beigne donuts
Sitting Space: about 12 spots inside and another 10 or so outside.
Wifi: yes

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