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Station Kaffe


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I must say, the downtown coffee scene has really flourished in the past year. This is great news for the community as this means the average Montrealer’s palate for coffee is developing and artisanal coffee is no longer a niche industry (look at Australia!). Several existing coffee shops have opened up second locations in the city center but only one is a new face, Station Kaffe. I’ve spoken to the owner, Kasimir Visotzky, once at a coffee tasting from Kittel Roasters and I remember distinctly how attentive he was throughout the meeting. I love to cover independent coffee shops because of exactly that: owners care a lot  about their stores; they dedicate their time, energy and passion into their products and services. They want to learn, they want to improve and they want to intimately share this with others in the form of coffee shops.

Station Kaffe is at the metro level of les Cours de Montreal (Peel Station) and is not too far from Starbucks and American Apparel. They serve Kittel and while the roaster’s main line Fullum is always on hand, they also serve single origins like San Ignacio and Kuguyu AA depending on whether it is an espresso/filter drink. I thoroughly enjoyed my San Ignacio cappuccino and for those who are skeptical on Kittel beans, I think you should, at least, try the ones brewed from Station Kaffe. Tea options are available from Camellia Sinensis and for those picky with their creamy milk, Station Kaffe uses Societe Orignal milk. Pastries are from Lescurier, bagels from Saint Viateur and they also have empanadas (stuffed pastry with beef) made by a local supplier if you prefer savoury.

Although there is a lot going on in front, within Station Kaffe, it is relatively quiet. The crowd outside becomes white noise, the shop is spacious, the music is audible but not overwhelming and the space is well lit. How this shop stands out is the fact that it has a big space, wifi, and good coffee. Many other downtown coffee shops won’t fit more than 15 people let alone much table space. Directly connected to the underground metro, Station Kaffe is a must if you are downtown and need to do some work while sipping on delicious coffee.

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