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Station W

Considering the coffee shop opened in late 2013, I genuinely think that Station W is not talked about enough. Being a gourmand, I’m surprised I’ve only visited this weekend. The service was great because even though I was completely lost on how to order as a first timer, the cashier was extremely friendly and helpful. The service was also really quick considering we visited during a rush, and each barista/server served us with a smile and a polite apology for the ‘wait’. With excellent service, good coffee and a great selection of menu, Station W is a well rounded coffee shop located in Verdun.

The cappuccino was decent but the cold brew they served was a pleasant surprise. I’m not an expert on cold brews but the drink was so clean, refreshing with great floral notes, I knew that I was inspired enough to start going into a cold brew phase (so expect less latte art in my posts soon).

I didn’t get to try any of their homemade baked goods but I did get to taste the delicious grilled cheese. They have many flavours and I went for the brie, mushrooms and bacon. You can also choose to get a side salad either half-half for two types or a full portion of one type of salad. Overall, the plate was very easy to eat; I did not feel overwhelmingly full afterwards nor was I guilty for the carbs. The after feeling remained light and fresh, like my cold brew.

Last point worth mentioning is that Station W has a great mix of crowd. There were students, young adults, colleagues, solos, and family. That really stuck with me because that’s when I realized Station W does not try to be anything more than it is.  Their approach is simple and focused: good coffee served with care, local fresh products and homemade goods.

Food and Amenities
Coffee Roast: Le Bruloir and Kittel
Foods: grilled cheese, sandwichs, salads
homemade baked goods
Sitting Space: about 25 spots
Electrical Outlets: yes
Wifi: yes

**don’t forget to change the youtube quality settings on the bottom right to view in HD!*
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  • Reply Steph April 25, 2015 at 6:29 pm

    Thanks for the awesome write up, Linh! I’m really pleased you enjoyed your visit. Next time you pass by, I’ll try to make us a quick Kittel Kenya aeropress 😉

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