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Top 5 Recommended Cafes from 5 Foodie Instagrammers -Part 2

(Post image features Cafe 180g)

For those who are unaware, this is a follow-up post to my first list (you can find it here!). Basically, as a fun project, I decided to showcase difference tastes and preferences for coffee shops chosen by foodie Instagrammers. These picks were arbitrary and also dependent on who is willing and had time to contribute their thoughts.  These are people who are passionate about the coffee/food industry like I am but who are also still just everyday clients. Their picks were surprisingly refreshing as some of these are borderline ‘coffee shops’ in terms of definition. This goes to show how flexible the definition can be and also what holds a priority in their preferences. With over 52 independent coffee shops in Montreal, I loved knowing which coffee shop stood out for them. As a guideline, I asked them to provide me with a short blurb to accompany their IG photo, with the following questions in mind:

  • Although Montreal has a lot of great coffee shops, most of the time, if you had to pick, which would be a coffee shop you frequent the most and why?
  • Was it an experience that stood out like a personal memory/anecdote?
  • Is it the convenience of the location or the people you meet and interact with?
  • Is it the food that’s served that draws you in or is it really specifically for the quality of the coffee?Big thanks to everyone who contributed, this meant a lot to me! Here are the results:


“I don’t drink coffee, but I love going to coffee shops. What’s special about coffee shops is the ambient noise that spurs creativity and the relaxed atmosphere to catch up with friends. I enjoy going to places where I can learn something new at each visit. San Gennaro is without a doubt my top pick. Not only it is a café, it is also a pizzeria, an Italian bakery, and a gelateria.  They offer a wide selection of tasty Italian desserts and roman-style pizza prepared with high-quality ingredients. With so many choices, it requires several visits. Every time I visit San Gennaro, there is always something new that I want to try. The portions are large enough to share with a friend; I am a firm believer that sharing food leads to great conversation. Their cannoli is the best in the city. It is filled with cool creamy ricotta, chunks of chocolate and candied orange peel. It is made-to-order so the shell does not get soggy by the moisture of the filling. Also, if you see sea buckthorn gelato, order it!”

Victor (@randomcuisine) – Victor also has a blog, go visit it here!


“Let’s be honest, there’s plenty of options for good coffee when strolling downtown, but Furco’s little brother, café Parvis, is a real urban oasis that offers great meals and coffee. Open late during the evening, you can calm your cortado craving even pass 6. Plus the lighting is incredible!”
Philippe (@tutti_filipi)


“I love Dispatch coffee since the age I had to stalk their coffee truck. We have more and more third wave cafes in this city, however, homegrown roasters are still a rare species. After years of exploring third wave coffee,  I care more about the coffee’s origin, the taste notes, and brewing method.   I am glad we have Dispatch roasting, making coffee and educating this city to fall in love with coffee.”
Miranda (@mademoisellemii)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

“When I first moved to Montréal in 2008, Myriade was the only independent café with a different level of attention to quality and direct trade beans. I was living downtown and even though I worked at a café, Myriade was where I got my coffee.The owners were friendly and made coffee so approachable. Whether it was at a tasting or just during a regular visit, Myriade felt like a place where you could ask questions and learn about coffee. It was exciting and infectious. I’m never in the area these days, but I owe it to Myriade for instilling in me a lifelong appreciation for coffee as it could and should be.”
-Rachel (@torontrealaise) Also check out her blog here!


“Hello! I’m about to write my very first article about one of my favorite coffee shops in Montreal. I should’ve done this a long time ago, I’ve visited so many places since I started college. I love discovering new places and especially with Instagram, it is easier to know the new cafes around. I truly love spending time in a café; I love the ambiance and tasting different coffees. Here’s a photo from Cafe Neve near the Mont-Royal station (2 minute walk, I promise!). I passed by with a friend this week and it looked so small from the outside. It is difficult to perceive which makes it more attractive! Once inside, we soon felt a warm atmosphere and a lovely decor where we could find a long table that people can read or simply enjoy the moment. Being a full-time student, a place like this seems perfect to have more space and be more focus. If you’re looking for a calm place where to drink a really good cup of latte, this is your spot! ;)”

Lee-Anne (@leeannelc)

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